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July 16, 2013

Claremont #53 showing their support!



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Market Basket, in it’s current form is the best thing ever to hit New England. Have you not checked the price of gas, heating oil, electricity? Go to a Market Basket store any day of the week and then visit a Stop And Shop. Notice any difference?

    Look, you have the best prices, the nicest stores, the best selection and the best staff of any other market. You have staff whose name tags say 25 years service. You have cute checkout cashiers.

    Don’t kill the “Golden Goose”. Would you rather sell 10 items and make 20 cents each or 100 items
    at 10 cents?

    New England doesn’t need a new Shaw’s or Stop And Shop. They’re closing stores. You are opening new ones and they are busy.

    Heads up, there is a Wegman’s supposed to be opening in Burlington soon. Do you think this will cause more or less competition?


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