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¬†** ¬†This site is not associated with Market Basket and the views expressed here are that of those who post them and not necessarily of the company. the purpose is to be a platform to express our concerns and our support for Arthur T. Demoulas and the company that you have come to love and know for great customer service and “More for your dollar”.

As some of you may or may not know the members of the board led by Arthur S. Demoulas whose only goal is to fatten their wallets and take money from you our loyal customers are poised to vote and remove our beloved owner Arthur T. Demoulas. If this happens it is known that they plan on taking out massive loans in order to fatten their wallets and the raise ALL prices in our stores to only fatten their wallets more. Arthur S. Demoulas is already the 7th richest man in Massachusetts and needs not fatten it any more. This cannot happen and we need to stand and be heard that this is not in the best interest of its associates, its associates families and especially not for you our customers. Below is a link to a petition that can be signed to show your support for Market Basket and Arthur T. Demoulas. Please use this site as a place to express your support and backing of not having Arthur T. Demoulas removed from running this company. Tell us how and why you love Market Basket as it is…BECAUSE UNFORTUNATELY IF THE OTHER SIDE TAKES CONTROL THERE WILL BE “NO MORE FOR YOUR DOLLAR”…





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